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Since the first trip to New York, NY in June, 2007, SPARK Ministry has touched the lives of women across the nation. The women serving through SPARK Ministry cover the costs of their mission trips. Contributions fund additional expenses of the mission weekends.

Would you rather give something priceless or get something priceless?
Why not both?
Be a part of SPARK Ministry!

These expenses include ministry supplies, decorations, gifts, crafts, gifts, retreat shirts, meals, special outings for each woman and staff member of the shelter, scholarships, and specific needs of the individual shelters.

Please help us reach many more through a contribution of service, financial donation, material donation, or prayer.

To donate via check, send to:

Spark Ministry
2520 Tarpley, Suite 500
Carrollton, TX 75006

Thank You.

Note: Spark Ministry is a non-profit charitable organization with IRS 501C3 status. Contributions are tax deductible.