Cindy Vigilante, Spark NV

It is a privilege to serve with Spark Ministry. Y'all are the kindest and most vibrant group of ladies who love the Lord that I know!!! You are contagious and energizing and most of all supernaturally gifted. Praise God for your vision, Molly, and to the board. Bless all the women that served so selflessly and made this whole weekend happen in Seattle!! What an honor!! Woo Hooo What a wonderful place the Hope Place is. God Bless

Melissa Alcorn, Director of the Lydia Center, Lancaster, PA

When the “ladies from Texas” as we New Yorkers called our sisters from Texas, came in, we literally experienced ladies surrendered to the Lord and allowing Him to use them as His hands and feet here at the Bowery Mission Women’s Center. His Grace just flowed out of them naturally. They hugged all of us – yes even us tough New Yorkers need hugs. They served us…every detail of the event from the cowboy hats, to designer jewelry, to handmade prayer shawls which had been prayed over, etc…screamed out “God really thinks you are special and so do we”…..the ladies have kept in touch with our students and they really enjoy the interaction. The “ladies from Texas” have contacted us regularly to see how the New York ladies are doing, they know them by name and have prayer teams praying for each one….they mourn when one leaves and rejoice when one has a victory!!! That is true sisterhood in Christ. I love Molly – she has been a Barnabus in my own life and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses her heart and Melissa’s heart for women who have been beaten down by life…..I know I would have loved a Molly or a Melissa in my life when I first came to the know the Lord….I can’t recommend the “Texan Jesus Experience” enough!!! They’ve adopted the ladies and myself – and we feel cared for and clothed with His Grace.

Tia Brooks, Lydia Center Resident, Lancaster, PA

I am forever free... I have waited for this weekend, never knowing it would come when I really needed it! May God keep leading and directing your path. You are truly doing God's work.



Kristen Burgess - McKinney, TX

The Spark Ministry trip to NYC was a perfect example of a way in which God is omnipresent. When I think about all that was accomplished in the lives of the women at the shelter, as well as those of us that went with our group, I feel a fire building inside of me. That fire is the spirit of God in me ready and excited to do more work for Him! I can't wait to serve again with this wonderful group!

Drew Dickens, Former President/CEO, NeedHim Ministries

Being an event planner takes a rare combination of organizational skills, people skills, courage, and a passion for the project. I have worked with Molly for several years and watched her plan events for our church and ministry. She has that delicate balance of abilities that is critical for the success of any event. Of course an event is only as strong as its foundation. Most importantly, Molly has a strong foundation in Christ and knows the importance of relying not on herself, but God's Spirit for success.

Rena Graver - ParkwayHills Baptist Church, Plano, TX

Molly’s heart for serving God is the magnet that draws you to her. Her calling to build a ministry focused on women ministering to women illustrates her desire to encourage others to serve Him as well. Spark Ministry fills a niche that has gone virtually unnoticed by churches and other ministry groups.

Molly’s ability to balance her organizational skills, people skills and courage to step out on faith make her the perfect person to conduct any mission trip. She has the unique aptitude to pull out the special gifts and talents of each individual to meet the needs of the specific ministry situation.

Whether you are the person being ministered to or a lucky participant with Molly you will be changed.

Jennifer Gray - McKinney, TX

The final words of Jesus prior to his ascension into heaven were to be His witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) Having two small children, it would be quite difficult for me to obey and share the love of Christ in the far away regions of the earth (overseas). Spark Ministry gave me the perfect opportunity to obey Him. I was able to step out and leave my Jerusalem (McKinney), my Judea (Texas) and go to Samaria (other regions of the United States). The blessings I received from being obedient to the command of Jesus were far more than words can express.

My experience in New York City helped me to focus on the "big" picture. The reality is that all of God's children are alike. God sees none of us based on our economic status. He does not judge us based on our "works". He loves us just the way we are. He loves us right where we are. He loves us all the same. Regardless of what trial we are experiencing in our life, there is someone else who is suffering the same type of struggle. These are all things that I have "believed" my whole life, growing up in a Christian church, but experienced first hand. Within the five days I spent in New York, my life was transformed; changed. Since returning to my Jerusalem, I am purposely seeking ways to obey; ways to serve those around me on a daily basis.

Gayle Grogan, First Baptist Church, Borger, TX

I have thought about our mission trip to Pennsylvania and honestly I think I could write a book. I loved that the trip was intentional and carefully detailed. The prayer affirmation time at both missions was moving. I was so aware of God releasing his goodness into their lives. The worship was so special. I consider it a privilege to worship with the ladies knowing we are all sisters on an incredible journey headed home, and God has given us each other on the way!


Leya Grubbs - Frisco, TX

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. God was definitely present the entire time we were in NYC. He changed a lot of hearts, including mine, over the course of our five days there." I left NYC renewed spiritually and had a greater understanding of Matthew 25:40 which says, "Whatever you do for one of the least of us, you do for Me." I think the Spark Mission trip teaches you about what it truly means to be "Christ-like" in a way that only serving others can.


Angela Hendrixson, ParkwayHills Baptist Church, Plano, TX

Someone once said courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the understanding that something else is more important than the fear. I certainly had many fears when it came to missions, especially since I had never gone on a mission trip before, but I felt called to go to New York. Ask any of the women who have gone on a mission trip with Spark Ministry and they will tell you it brought them closer to God and I am definitely included in that mix. Romans 8:31 tells us if God is for us who can be against us and I can tell you God was definitely with us.

Angela Lawrence, Orlando Union Rescue Resident, Orlando, FL

I would like to thank all of you beautiful women for taking the time to deposit hope, joy, happiness, love, kindness, care, encouragement, and prayer during your time with us. Each smile made me smile, each laugh gave me laughter, and with each hug I felt love and care. Most importantly, the teaching of God's Word transformed me by renewing my mind and opening my eyes to understanding and flooding me with The Light!



Brad Martin, Pastor, RiverPoint Church, Halstead, KS

It has been an honor and privilege to work beside Molly on several ministry projects. Her joy and energy are contagious, and her calling from the Lord is Spark Ministry. Molly has the gifts of organization and leadership, and makes it all a ton of FUN! What ever Molly plans for your organization to do, it will be a total blast from God! I believe that every church needs to experience Spark Ministry. Molly is a true professional: talented, sincere and caring. Her loving manner and servant's heart are evident. I heartily recommend Spark Ministry.

Corina Rodriguez - Bridgeport, TX

When faced with the opportunity to go to New York City to minister to the women of The Bowery Center, I toiled with the idea of NOT going due to difficulties I was facing in my own life. With the loving encouragement of my Spark ministry sisters I decided to go. Not only was I able to minister to the women of the Bowery Center, they ministered to me as well! I also made wonderful life long friends with many of the other women who decided to go...a true blessing indeed!

Lisa Sams, NeedHim Ministries

Molly Breitenfeld and I forged deep and forever friendship in the mid-1980s on a Youth Mission Trip and since then, she has made my “every day life” extra-ordinary. She is passionate about her family, her friends, and especially her Lord and Savior - and that passion spills over into everything she does. Going on a mission trip with her and with Spark Ministry will change your life, too… I am living proof!

Brenna Stull - McKinney, TX

My experience with Spark Ministry? High impact in every way! The trips are well-planned, prayed over, and intentional. Molly's "fun factor" (I think it's a spiritual gift!:)) unified our group made up of 39 women from 14 different churches, and allowed us to quickly connect with the women we went to minister to. Every detail had been thought through, and God worked as we each stepped up to use our gifts for his honor and glory.

Not many people in a lifetime get the privilege of experiencing the unity that we felt as we worked alongside each other with one goal - to lift up the Name of Christ and spread His message of hope. If you want your life to be changed and to be more focused on eternity, go on a mission trip. Spark Ministry is a trustworthy and great organization to help you get there.

Lydia Center/WaterStreet Rescue Mission, Lancaster, PA

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What started with a trip to New York City, where 38 women gathered and served the women of Bowery Women's Center, has now become Spark Ministry!

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