Spark Ministry
desires to empower women to step out and serve other women by putting their faith into action on the mission field. Spark Ministry offers trips in three to five day increments nationwide. Our Goal: to provide hurting women, living in a long-term, faith-based recovery center, a weekend retreat they will never forget. The retreat is held at the shelter facilities. We offer residents a first class weekend filled with dynamic Bible Study, praise and worship, gifts of love and encouragement, meals, fun filled outings and lots of laughter. Throughout the weekend, relationships are built; and walls of separation, imagediscouragement, and hopelessness begin to fall as these women experience Christ's love through the hands and hearts of the Spark Ministry servants.

Mission Statement

The mission of Spark Ministry is to Serve People And Reflect Kindness by ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women who are in difficult life situations through Christian women serving on short-term mission trips and retreats.


Mission Trips

Spark Ministry will provide a complete mission trip for your women’s group including: a vision casting meeting, complete mission trip planning and all logistics, multi-media promotional materials, preview trip to mission destination, mission team training, on-location trip management and guidance, and Bible study and Worship leaders on mission trip.


Who Can Participate? — The "Sparky Profile"

   Woman, no boys allowed!
   Believer in Christ, any denomination
   21 years old or older
   A heart ready to serve others
   We welcome all churches, from all cities, and every state